Blue Rock Spring Golf Club in Vallejo is always accepting new applications.

Volunteer Ambassadors - Enjoy free golf? Our volunteer ambassadors work 2 shifts a week averaging 6 hours each. The help us keep the pace of play moving and all our members and guest happy.

Golf Course Maintenance - Join the team maintaining both golf courses. Learn lots of new things about the golf courses, all the different pieces of equipment, and mowers. We need both full-time and part-time employees. Experience with equipment and mowers is not required, but it is beneficial.

Golf Shop - Help us manage the busy golf shop by answering phones, checking in golfers, and providing our guests with the best service.

Outside Services - Enjoy the outdoors? Our Cart Attendants spend their time outside maintaining and washing our golf carts daily. Our Range Attendants enjoy the outdoors while driving the range pickers to ensure we always have balls for our guests to hit while practicing. Don't worry there's a cage on the range picker!

Cafe Rock - Enjoy cooking and making drinks? We have a great staff in our Cafe, and the whole kitchen and dining area just received a beautiful face-lift with a remodel.

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All employees and volunteers are required to pass pre-employment drug screen and background check.

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