Vallejo Women's Golf Club

Vallejo Women's Golf Club

History of the Club

The Vallejo Women’s Golf Club was established in 1948. The club plays Thursday mornings at Blue Rock Springs West,18-hole course, and has an active membership. Members have varying handicaps but all have a love of the game, and want to play on a regular basis.

Benefits for Joining

Joining the 18-hole group has a number of advantages. The VWGC plays year round on Thursday mornings and members can take a cart or walk. Joining the VWGC is a great way to make new friends, and enhance your golf skills.

How to Join the Club

Contact Sharon Chaney, Co-Captain/Membership.
Membership dues are a year which includes the NCGA membership and handicap service.

Membership Application Available Here
Women's Club Board & Committee Members